Quick update:

My internet is very, very shitty at the moment, I’m sorry I’m taking so long with requests but I’ve been trying to post this for ages now. It’s so incredibly frustrating, it’s amazing how it makes you feel so disconnected from everything.

I’ll be at my boyfriend’s this week, so I will finally be able to answer your questions and upload your thingies. Sooorry. ;_; I’m working on some male defaults to make up for it, maybe. My blog is full of text posts at the moment, this cannot be.

Anonymous asked:

I have a request for defaults! Aaaaand besides the BG I only have pets, seasons, apartment life and freetime that contains clothing. So If you want to do the defaults, I would be very happy if they replaced outfits from those EP's or BG. :)) I would really like you to take a look at niloublue's livejournal. But since I can't give you a direct link to a post, I'll give you "?skip=20" I think there is some very nice clothing on that page! I hope you wanna do some :D

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen and have defaults using most of those. Three of the dresses and maybe two of the tops, and I’m interested in the undies but the only viable option for me is an outfit from the K&B SP. If you have a specific request though, feel free to ask. I’ll keep your EPs in mind for the next defaults though. :3

Anonymous asked:

I hope you don't mind:) but I have a default request, on the sims 2 default database there is a npc pizza delivery default for adult men, it is a black t-shirt with jeans. Sadly there is no adult female version but could you maybe create one that is a default? Please?

Sure, if you know of an outfit like that, anon. It’s not my clothing style so I’m having a hard time thinking of a mesh to use as replacement. Maybe you’ll have better luck asking lemonlion, the creator of the AM default?

Anonymous asked:

Your houses really inspires me! How do you make those kinda flat roofs? Do I need an special EP for that, or is there a tutorial?

That’s nice to read, anon! :D Umm, there’s a tool in game to make the roofs… shorter? Like, to change the angle of the roofs, but I don’t know if that’s part of an EP. Maybe M&G? Unless you mean completely flat? I never saw a tutorial for roofs, no.

taylors-simblr asked:

I may have just downloaded all of your neon hairs....even though I only have 1 sim that has unnatural coloured hair! I couldn't decide on 1 or 2 :)

Hah, that’s usually what I think too. “Will I ever even use neon hairs? Probably not.” So much that I wanna start another neighborhood with neon haired people only. Glad you liked them!




Does anyone know where there’s a teen conversion of Amaryll’s berlin top (the simple tanktop from H&M)

Oh I second this. I tried separating it from the TF conversion trapping did but wasn’t successful. :/ Was going to do the same with the elder version ndainyes did but I lost motivation.

And this H&M top I sort of did; that outfit exists for teens too so it would be nice to have the top as well but I failed so hard at that, it was not pretty.

Any talented creators out there would be interested in making those? ;-;