Hi! I've just been reading your legacy and was wondering whether you use a lighting mod and if so which one? :3 Your pictures are all so pretty~


I read this a while ago and thought for sure I had answered it. o_O Sorry anon. No I don’t use any anymore, if by legacy you mean Maple Grove. If it’s an older abandoned legacy (lol), I used to have this one.


May I say: I love this river. 

So do I! Gah, now I’m itching to start a medieval ‘hood again.


May I say: I love this river. 

So do I! Gah, now I’m itching to start a medieval ‘hood again.

If Alien Pod has a default available, that's the one I choose.. I adore your style. ^_^ I don't even have a tumblr but I have yours bookmarked.. o_O (Just a reminder that a lot of people really appreciate your efforts and love your downloads!)


Aww thank you anon, what a nice message. ^-^ I’m glad they’re useful to you!

Just an update from my last message to you, I found the exact files that were causing the problem! A while ago, I had downloaded a huge folder of custom food from a simblr (can't remember who) and it had four files in there that most definitely weren't food! They were called "Sim-Wolf - Apartment Life Clothing from Y.A. to Elder" and there were three more for BV, Celebration, and Family Fun. I have no idea what they are or what they were doing in there, but once I removed them everything worked.

Just leaving this here if somebody’s having the same problem. Glad you figured it out!

Oh, I'm sorry, I must be blind, I didn't saw, that you answered my question before :/ -.- I love your defaults :)


No problem, I just linked that post because I couldn’t remember for sure where I got the earrings. ^^ Thanks anon!

Hello! :D List two things you like about yourself, then pass this onto the first ten peoples you like. #TeamSelfEsteem

Today’s a hard day to answer this question, but thanks for asking and liking my simblr anyway. <3

happy someones finally pointing out your no morphs defaults bs tbh


I don’t really know what you mean by that, but I always say when they don’t have morphs, so you can just not download them if you don’t want to. Lots of people default now, so I’m sure there are tons of other options for every outfit I did.

It’s a video game, dude. I “create” stuff for fun and I like to share them with people that may find them useful for their games too. Sorry I’m not great at it, but I don’t understand how hard it is to just ignore stuff you don’t like.

sorry, wcif the nosemask on the sim in your sidebar?


No need to be sorry, anon. ^^ It’s been a while, but I usually don’t use nosemasks so I’m preeetty sure it’s just mayberries’ skins and a nose blush by pooklet, found here in the bits and bobs zip.

How do you edit your pictures?


I just use these actions by eversims, I know nothing about editing. D:

How do you make your sims look so smooth? Is it the default skin you use?


Hmm, I have no idea. I don’t do anything special, I think? oO Might be my graphics? The skins I use are here.

Hello :), wcif the earrings in /post/70331905535 ?


Here. ^^




I have a few defaults to post, but before that, dab-flow has told me that a few of my defaults aren’t showing up in her game. I’ve been trying to fix them but I can’t find what I did wrong. They show up fine for me. :c

Does anyone know what can cause a default to either appear invisible in…

Sorry, I cannot find a reply button on your layout. ;P

But it sounds like she might have some files in her DL folder that recathegorise those outfits as outerwear; Fansee and Tiggerypum did some of those for basegame, NL and OfB outfits. And they will conflict and cause the default not to show up.

xnthr said: Well I have some experience with messing up defaults, so I can guess it could be some kind of conflict, maybe with some hider or “elderizer”, sometimes you may forget they are replacements as well. Been there, done that >.<

moudschegiebchn said: No problem! :) If her sims are invisible from the neck she has maybe two replacements? I had the same problem once. I didn’t realize that I had one adult replacement & one for elder+adult. I had sims with only their heads running around. xD

Thanks for the help guys! <3 That’s what I thought too at first.

just wanted to tell you (again, I think) that you're defaults are the best! <3

Daw, thank you dear! <3

i’m in love with this lot by alienpod , small changes by me :
perfect for start a legacy !

Aww lookit! You made it super cute!

moudschegiebchn said: I’m not 100% sure if I have the first default outfit but if I have it’s definetly not showing up. I’ll look that up when I get the chance to. Second one is there and working just fine. :)

Thank you for the help! If I’m not mistaken dab-flow says the outfits “show up” but the sims are invisible from the neck down, so not showing up at all would be a complete different problem. ;~; But really, thanks for checking!